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Our Values

Accountability and Responsibility

Take ownership of actions to move beyond emotions and to prepare self and team to take on the next challenge.


Focus on what we do well as to engage customers and employees from a position of shared outcomes and shared success. Confidence increases our ability to lead.

Goal Oriented

Set and achieve ambitious and clearly measurable goals to create a culture of energy and momentum towards doing what we say we will do. If we fall short of these goals, we are willing to change the way we do things in order to achieve excellence for our customers and our employees.


Seek opportunities to introduce new ideas, new practices and new services. Innovation extends beyond technology to a mindset of continuous improvement and leadership.


Act honestly and honorably when dealing with customers and each other. At United One, our actions consistently match our words.


Our demanding environment will test our character under pressure. We demonstrate calmness and self-control in the face of adversity.

Positive Attitude and Contribution

Set our minds to look for the best in each situation. A positive attitude and contribution shape conversations, actions, and culture around an exciting and profitable future.


Be prompt and courteous when identifying, assessing and solving the needs of our customers and our employees. Excelling at personal customer service will require efficiency of decision making and actions.


We will be candid and forthright with our customers and each other. We must openly, tactfully and authentically share information, provide guidance, and deliver feedback – even when the message is not positive news.

Value Proposition

Our value proposition is clear and compelling. We deliver the most accurate information faster than anyone in the market. We continually invest in key assets and processes that result in unmatched value for our customers.

  1. We have the confidence to stand by our customers’ side when making lending decisions. Our customers trust our lending solutions to protect their assets from future loss. They view our lending solutions as more reliable, comprehensive and definitive than any others in the market – so much so that customers often come back to us after trying another provider.

  2. Our customers are overwhelmed by an increase in lending volume, which impacts what they do, and an increase in regulations, which impacts how they do it. We accelerate the time to decision cycle to help customers get the answers they need when they need it to make the most accurate and timely lending decision.

  3. Customer service is personal to the people at United One – unlike the large impersonal production houses where customer service equates to nameless, faceless, scripted call centers responses. Our team members care deeply about our customers and genuinely feel that the success of our customers’ business equates to success of United One’s business.

  4. Our customers state that they love how easy it is to do business with United One. This feeling is not grounded in a weak position of accommodation, but in a strong position of investing in technology, developing people and processes that are responsive to customer needs, and aligning our team to meet the growth needs of the customer.

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